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Melt in your mouth.


Dinning room for 10

A culinary journey like

no other. 

TORO, a sushi haven known for its exquisite offerings and artfully crafted omakase experience is set to redefine the sushi landscape, bringing together local Hawaiian fish and a curated selection from Tokyo's renowned Toyosu Market.

Hidden Omakase

Discover TORO, where culinary innovation meets hidden charm. Immerse yourself in a speakeasy omakase experience that transcends expectations.



TORO is strategically tucked away, inviting patrons on a culinary adventure off the beaten path. With a mere 10 seats, this intimate venue promises an American/Japanese omakase-style chef’s tasting. "Omakase," translated as "I leave it up to you," embodies the essence of this dining experience, where guests surrender their palates to the chef’s expert curation.

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